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We cook a wide variety of Greek dishes: Mediterranean ribs, spanakopita and tyropita, Greek calzone etc. The menu includes traditional Greek appetizers and salads too.


Kosta’s is the perfect family restaurant offering the best pizzas in town. Try Pizza Margarita or the New Orleans Delight for their simplicity, Pizza Chicken Supreme to celebrate an occasion while the Vegetarian Combination Pizza is sure to tickle your taste buds. The taste of our Hawaiian Pizza will linger in your mouth, long after you’ve savored it! If you allow us to make a recommendation, we’d suggest Kosta’s Favorite Pizza or Maria’s Favorite Pizza (no wonder we named them so!). Various toppings are available to enable you to create your own pizza and enhance the experience.


Follow the menu's to the right to find your favorite Kosta's dish. All meals are freshly made to order using the finest ingredients